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Are you having trouble plotting out your next book? Have you been struggling with the same plot hole for weeks and aren’t sure how to get past it? It happens to all of us. Reaching a road block in your story is practically an inevitability of being an author.

Kellie Sheridan is a long time writer and story teller with more than a dozen stories in multiple genres, a long time beta reader, and ultimately, a problem solver. Whether you’re looking for one big brainstorming session, step-by-step plotting assistance, or an extra pair of eyes through the rest of your drafting stage, we’ve got you covered. 

One-on-One Story Assistance
Schedule a live session, either using video chat or text chat (your preference) to discuss your current story and any issues you might be having. We’ll be working from an existing idea, or brainstorming a new idea from scratch, based on a questionnaire you’ll have filled out and returned ahead of time. Kellie will work with you on either story beats or overall plot and character arcs (potentially both, this very much depends on what stage your plot is at) or focus on a particular issue.

Introductory Pricing
$20 per half-hour
$35 per hour
$100 to schedule three hour-long sessions
Each half-hour includes a 5 minute break.

Same Day Support
Need a little more help? Join the exclusive Weapenry slack channel for same-day access to help, brainstorming and ideas.
$35 per month.
Only available to clients who have utilized story consultant services for the same or connected projects.

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I always thought that there’s nothing worse than coming to the realization that you need to re-write an entire manuscript. This year I discovered there is: Discovering you need to re-write an entire manuscript that is already contracted with a publisher and under a deadline.

For weeks, I furiously deleted and rewrote and shuffled the story around, but I got nowhere. The entire thing felt…flat. It felt like my creativity was drained. Gone. There was nothing appealing about the story anymore, and I knew I didn’t like it, and that my publisher wouldn’t either. I quickly hit panic mode and imagined all the worst-case scenarios. Having to tell my publisher I couldn’t do it, the humiliation of giving back the advance… Thankfully, I was flying out to Toronto for an event and ended up having the pleasure of brainstorming in person with Kellie. We got coffee at my hotel and sat down in the lobby, and we ended up talking about the story for hours while the rain pelted the windows behind us. By the end of our session I felt like I was on fire. I was ready to open my laptop and start writing right then and there. I felt excited about this story for the first time since I’d begun writing it in 2012.

Kellie has a way of rekindling that excitement, of leading the story and characters in new and exciting directions, and of digging deeper into themes and ideas and bringing them to life. Her knowledge of story structure and character development prompt you to think about things more deeply and unearth ideas you never thought of, and she has a way of helping you step back, to get out of your own head and see the story objectively. Most importantly, she doesn’t direct you, she guides you, so that you get there on your own, and you get that feeling, that excitement over your ideas all over again. The feeling of Inspiration striking you like a bolt of lightening out of a blue sky.

Even after my flight home I was excited and ready to the tackle the project, and I ended up doubling my word count per day because I knew exactly where I was going with it, and the creative pump had been primed. I managed to reach the state of flow and hit 4k per day for about two weeks. Currently I am (finally) on track to hit my deadline, and there’s no way that would have happened without Kellie.

E. Latimer, author of The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray


Q: What genres do you work with?
A: Looking to write a complex mystery? An epic fantasy? A sweeping romance? I’m open and have worked with most genres in the past, but the initial questionnaire will give us both a sense on if we would work well together on this particular story.

Q: How does the process work?
A: While I have a system that has worked well for me in the past, which is mostly conversational with plenty of questions aimed at the author to help them uncover their plot, the process ultimately varies from author to author. If you have any preferences or input before we jump in about what works best for you, I’d love to hear it and will plan accordingly.

Q: How much can we expect to get done in an hour?
A: There is really no way to say for sure. This depends on you, your story, and so many other factors. After your initial questionnaire, I’ll attempt to give you the best sense of what to expect as I can.

Q: Do you work exclusively with self-published authors?
A: Not at all. Whatever your ultimate goal for your book is, what’s important is the story you want to tell.

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