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In 2013 Patchwork Press teamed up with a group of independent authors in a NetGalley Co-Op in order to gain the benefits of being a small publisher within NetGalley’s system. We’ve since expanded our groups, and now always have additional spots open for indie authors looking to increase visibility for their titles. These past few years have brought in thousands of reviews for the books we’ve hosted, and we’re only continuing to grow and learn from the experience.

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Note: After two price raises from NetGalley in the past two years, we’ve had to raise our own prices (slightly) in order to compensate for the increases.

What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is a website frequently used by publishers to distribute digital review copies to bloggers, reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, and educators. The pool of reviewers NetGalley works with is huge and always growing. But NetGalley isn’t only for accruing reviews on GoodReads, Amazon, B&N, and book blogs — your title will also have interest coming from librarians and book buyers who may purchase a copy of your book after their digital copy expires.

Click here for our ongoing list of frequently asked questions.

How can I get my book on NetGalley/what does it cost?

Both previously released and upcoming titles are welcome! Once you’ve signed up, you will fill out a setup sheet with information about your book, which we will then list for you. Sign up for a package:

Curated Requests
For curated requests, once your listing is live, reviewers are able to request your title from NetGalley’s catalog after searching their preferred genres for books they’re interested in reviewing. From here you have two options, either we will read through each request and approve or decline based on each user’s profile and history with NetGalley, or you can handle the requests yourself. For the one month spot, there is a one book limit, but authors with longer catalog terms are welcome to change between multiple books in order to gain exposure for more of their backlist.

1 year: $400
6 months: $260
3 months: $140
2 months: $100
1 month: $55

Auto-Approved/READ NOW
Read now titles are available to anyone who requests them, and are able to be accessed right away by NetGalley readers since they aren’t waiting for their request to be viewed by our team. This consistently brings in more requests and faster reviews, but there is a higher chance of negative reviews since readers are sometimes looking for something they can start reading right away, rather than waiting for a book that is a better match to their tastes. Unlike the curated spots, Auto-Approved packages can only be used by one title, rather than switched between multiple, no matter the length. This is a great option for permafree books, or for titles where you need to see reviews come in more quickly than usual.

6 weeks: $60
1 month: $50
2 weeks: $25

Spots may be limited. If you’re interested in more information, or have any questions please contact us at netgalley@patchwork-press.com. Invoices are sent via Paypal!

We also guarantee that we will not share or distribute your information or files anywhere than directly to NetGalley’s catalog (unless otherwise agreed).

How does it work once my title is up?

Patchwork Press handles the administrative side, from contracts to review requests (though authors are completely welcome to give guidelines for where their titles go). Our NetGalley team goes in and handles the hundreds of requests, weeding through the “free book surfers” to find actual reviewers/media professionals so your title gets the attention it deserves. Incoming reviews will be forwarded to you right from netgalley2@patchwork-press.com.

How are review requests handled?

Requests are handled by our team, on a case-by-case basis, however, authors are welcome to include their own guidelines for who receives review copies of their title. Book bloggers that are active reviewers (i.e., have posted a review within the last week) typically are approved. Generally, each reviewer is looked at for the following: a high number of followers (*auto-approved); quality reviews/feedback; active accounts on GoodReads, Amazon, B&N, etc.

* Auto-approved: These are the reviewers that have been pre-approved for our group after requesting one or more titles previously. These reviewers are either bloggers with a high following (blog, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, GoodReads), APA registered Librarians, Librarians/Booksellers/Teachers that also have a blog, or media.

We are more than willing to accommodate different standards for your title to be approved/declined. However, auto-approved readers are fixed.

We went through our results so far and put together some results from both our Read Now and Curated options, using data across a variety of titles and genres. NetGalley isn’t always the right answer for every book, and the results your title will see rely on a lot of factors, so we absolutely encourage you to read through the post and get an idea for how your title might do.

Note: NetGalley works best if you have an .epub, .mobi or .doc type file of your book. When using PDF only, you do narrow down the number of readers who have access to your book. Just something to keep in mind 🙂

Please note: Once you have purchased time with our co-op, we will not be able to refund you that time should you decide you no longer want to take part. Once we purchase your slot, we are responsible for paying for it for the duration of your time. That being said, you’re always welcome to sell/rent/lend your slot to other authors as you see fit.

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