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At Weapenry, we’re a team of authors and editors who want to help each other succeed. And as soon as you sign on, we’ve got your back.

We know that the editing process can be overwhelming, so we promise to be your partner until the end! If something isn’t working, or if we think another set of eyes will help discover the perfect solution, we’ll draw on everyone’s experience to give you the best service possible. We’ll be your biggest champion; we’ll let you know what needs improvement, but we’ll also let you know when you’ve struck gold! (Don’t be surprised to see comments in your edit where we declare our undying love for your character!)

We strive to treat your words and ideas with the respect they deserve while helping you create the best work possible. We want you to thrive, and we can’t wait to help you reach your goals!

Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt is a content and copy editor for Weapenry. Prior to joining the Weapenry team, she was an editorial intern for two and a half years at two small independent presses. She’s edited a number of fiction novels and short stories, including a six book series.

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Rachel received a B.A. in English from Arizona State University, which is where her love for science fiction, fantasy, and YA stories truly became her passion. When she isn’t reading or editing, she enjoys traveling to new places, trying to find the best brunch spot, and dragging her friends to the concerts of her favorite obscure artists.

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