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Release: Surviving First Drafts, by Erica Crouch

Release Day: Surviving First DraftsSurviving First Drafts: Motivation & Advice for the Art of Writing by Erica Crouch
Series: Making Your Masterpiece #1
Published by Weapenry on September 29, 2015
Genres: Nonfiction
Format: eBook

A rough first draft is like an opinion: everyone has one, few are pleasant, and most people should think twice before airing it to the public without considering their words a second time. Everyone knows first drafts suck. They’re a headache to write, and don’t even get me started on the mess of grammar there is to sort through during revisions! But, unfortunately, they’re unavoidable.

But there’s no need to pull out all of your hair in frustration! You, like so many authors before, can conquer the first draft, and this book is here to help you survive the most grueling stage of the writing process. Learn about the five stages of first draft grief and how to overcome them. Discover what style of writer you are. Know when to ignore temptation from shiny new ideas and when to give in. Condition yourself not to fear the blank page and look forward to revisions.

With a healthy dose of motivation and advice, Surviving First Drafts will equip you with all the tools you need to make it to the end of your manuscript, no matter how bleak the journey ahead looks. YOU GOT THIS!

Today is release day of Surviving First Drafts: Motivation & Advice for the Art of Writing. This is Erica Crouch’s first nonfiction book, and she’s ready to give you advice on how to make it through the most brutal stage of publishing — actually writing draft #1 — as well as and give you a stern talking to when it comes to procrastination and shiny new ideas.

Whether this is your first, fifth, or fiftieth first draft, it never truly gets any easier to do. We can all use a pep talk to get us through every now and then, can’t we? Erica’s here to give you just that!

Order your copy of Surviving First Drafts exclusively from Amazon for just $0.99 — or start reading for free today if you’re part of Kindle Unlimited! And, as always, make sure to add SFD to your “to read” on GoodReads, and leave your review. (Authors love reviews!)

In the comments, let us know what the hardest part is for you about writing first drafts.

About Erica Crouch


Erica Crouch is a young adult and new adult author from Baltimore, Maryland. She has a strange blended aesthetic of cute and spooky, and her books reflect her ever changing mood. (You may find romance, you may find gore—sometimes both in the same book, but probably not at the same time. Probably.)

Erica is the cofounder of Patchwork Press — an indie publishing collective that produces middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles in all genres — and Weapenry — a resource for writers. She is the head of editorial services and design, with over fifty projects to her name.

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