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Happy 2nd Birthday PWP!

Weapenry has the awesome privilege of sharing a birthday with Patchwork Press. Today celebrates the two-year anniversary of the founding of PWP, and since then, the small publishing collective has grown to include thirty-some titles, six authors, and two anthologies (one — Polaris Awakening — coming out late next month).

This past winter, Patchwork Press expanded, creating Write All Year, a community for writers to gather and share in their writing process. Wordsprints are hosted on the WAY twitter account 5-6 times a week, and member participation is ever growing!

Patchwork Press also now offers services for authors who are publishing on their own and not looking to join the collective. With NetGalley packages, cover designs, and book trailers, PWP has made it their goal to make sure that the resources for publishing a professional book is possible!

Patchwork Press is expanding its list and is currently open to submission for any and all middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles. If you would like to submit your manuscript, visit the submission page.

This upcoming year is going to bring a lot of new projects. Series are concluding, new authors are joining the ranks, and we will be attending more events — plus the exciting prospects we have with Weapenry. Thank you for the following Patchwork Press for the first two years, and now celebrating the founding of Weapenry with us!


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